October 19, 2019

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For those who wish to contribute by writing for Kindness24, we highly recommend that you visit our website at to become familiar with types of articles that we publish as well as our writing style. We would also like to remind you that our articles are commissioned in advanced, meaning articles for special occasions - Christmas for example - should be queried months ahead of December.

After familiarizing yourself with Kindness24's content, you should be able to come up with your own original idea and send us a query. Please take note that we will not entertain, more or less publish unsolicited articles. You will also be responsible for researching topics.

Creating the Query Letter
  • 1. Query letters should not exceed one page and should be in Times New Roman, size 12. You may embed your letter in your email's body or attach a separate Microsoft Word file - strictly one query per email.
  • 2. Paragraphs should contain strong points and should be reflective of the article that you wish to write. You are also required to explain the writing process, the article's structure as well as the angle or stance that you wish to take.
  • 3. Please indicate the specs of your article, which includes the approximate length (number of words and paragraph) and your target date of submission. You may check out the articles on our site for your reference.
  • 4. Indicate your credentials (i.e. expertise, training, etc.). If you already have a published works, please send us a link to your portfolio.
  • 5. Send your queries to our Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Brown at
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